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The Grummie Story


Born and bred in Country Victoria, I've been "on the tools" since 5yrs of age. As a kid my parents were always renovating the family home and one of my first ever jobs was crawling around under the floor helping Dad restump the house. From there I was always helping whether it was plastering, painting or knocking nails into timber. Overtime this lead to my own passion for building and design.


After completing two full house renovations in Bendigo and starting our own little family, we decided we'd like to relocate and build a house by the sea.  When it become time to furnish the place, we couldn't find anything that we liked, nothing was the right size/shape or what we did like there was always "something" that we would change.We soon realised that if we were to get what we really wanted we would need to build it ourselves..... and from there, Grummie was born!


Where Does The Name Grummie Come From??


Arch our little boy would always call things "Grummie's"....... everything was a "Grummie', his cars, trucks or anything he really liked and the name has since stuck. So when it come time to give a new business a name, it was always going to be Grummie!


We pride ourselves on providing quality custom, locally handmade Funiture catering to ALL budgets. 


Whether it be for the Home, Cafe or Retail/commercial space we can design the right piece  Combining different materials to achieve a unique piece of furniture thats rich in history and origin, we can provide your space the point of difference you are looking for.....


Contact us for a quote or to order your own piece of Grummie Furniture today!



Matt Smart 

Grummie Custom Furniture



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